Andres de Santa Cruz and the Creation of the Peru-Bolivia Confederation (750 words)

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Subject History Latin American History


Write an essay based on Latin history.
Length: 750 words maximum – Provide word count!

Essay should be typed and double-spaced. Cite all quotations and paraphrases. Writing is NOT a series of continuous quotations. Make it clear to the reader that you read the text carefully.

Write a thesis statement (central argument) in your introduction, then develop the thesis and provide historical evidence (body of your essay), and end with a closing paragraph.

Use Chicago Manual of Style.

Analyze the efforts made by Andrés de Santa Cruz towards the realization of the Peru-Bolivia Confederation.

Use information (facts), and ideas taken from the text by Sobrevilla Perea to support the arguments.

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Andres de Santa Cruz was one of the caudillos, or authoritarian leaders, who assumed control of several South American nations that won their independence from Spain at the start of the 19th century. Santa Cruz was initially based in Peru after fighting in Simon Bolivar’s army against the Spanish. However, he only took over the Presidency of Peru briefly in 1827 before he was deposed. Santa Cruz was one of those military officers that came from a relatively humble background and according to Bushnell, “unwilling to accept a subordinate peacetime role....

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