A- You would have to answer this question. Argentina's history since independence has been marked by a continual search for national identity. Is Argentina justified in considering itself "different" from the rest of Latin America? Why or why not?

B- Give the definitions of the words and identify these people:
1- Carlos Gardel
2- desaparecidos
3- tango

C- Write a 1 page reaction/response paper to the Evitas' videos. This should not be a summary but your own personal thoughts.
Eva Perón, Evita, "Garden of Forking Paths" PBS Annenberg documentary Raul Julia narration
Watch Video
Video 1- Eva Perón, Evita, "Garden of Forking Paths" PBS Annenberg documentary Raul Julia narration
After watch this and next video, complete Reaction paper
Video 2- Eva Peron First Lady of Argentina - Documentary And Biography
Video 3- Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Madonna

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It is interesting how Evita Peron used her intelligence to make her high-ranked profile seem more accessible to ordinary, working-class people. Evidentially, she was a beautiful woman because some other women were afraid that her good looks might bring more harm than benefits. For example, it looks rather strange that some women who worked in charity organizations failed to see that they could use Evita as an excellent ambassador for their cause. Even though the looks can be deceiving, this statement does not apply to this noble woman. But she did not only look good. More importantly...

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