Topic: The Relationship between Britain and Saudi

Assignment 1: The Britain's indirect relationship with Ibn Saud 1891-1902.

Assignment 2: the relationship between Ibn Saud and Britain in Najd (1902-1907)
Section 1: Ibn Saud’s re-capture of Riyadh and the British position 1902
- First attempts Ibn Saud to get closer to the British government in 1902
Section 2: Ibn Saud’s annexation of Al-Qassim and the British position
- The British government's position in the Turkish campaign on Najd, and Ibn Saud asked Britain to protect him 1904
- Thinking of sending a British envoy to Riyadh in 1904
Section 3: The British government's position on the plans Ibn Saud in the Gulf 1905- 1906
- Renewed attempts Ibn Saud with the British government in 1906
- His Majesty's Government orders in connection with proposals Ibn Saud in 1907
Assignment 3:

This footnote for example:
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Section 1: Ibn Saud’s re-capture of Riyadh and the British position 1902
Riyadh is the largest and the capital city of Saudi Arabia since the basic forming of country in the early eighteenth century. Since then, there have been numerous battles from force of different leaderships over the control of the city. In 1902, the final battle which was to retake Riyadh from the opposition forces back the current government was prepared by the brave Ibn Saud. It took risking and high level courage for Ibn Saud to gather information, tactics and strategies which he used to penetrate the capital city and eventually recapturing it from rebels to the ruling powers under his father. It demonstrated that he had the wisdom, power and the required qualities for a leader to take the throne from his father. Long ahead the war, Ibn Saud was living outside their territory in Kuwait, for this reason, in order to regains his father’s territory and rebuilds Saudi Arabia; they had to use unique fighting strategies to ensure the powerful Alrashid did not know their intentions of taking back the country and kingdom as well. Women and military were the main operatives who helped in the winning this battle under the brave leadership of Ibn Saud. The number was less considering they would have to travel from a foreign country where they were hosted after being exiled from their own kingdom. This is one of the main historical instance under which the king will be remembered in by the task of reuniting the Saudi Arabia country again and successfully turning it into a superpower by utilizing the oil fields resources. European countries had major interests with the country since the first recapturing. The British government through is General, William shake spear made good relationships with the Saudi conquerors with a bigger aim of ensuring they could have a share in the oil resources.

Ibn Saud was born in 1880 in a rich and an influential family in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. His real name after birth was Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud but was shortened to Ibn Saud during his growth and rise up to power. Ibn Saud was born into the al Saud family which fortunately over the previous century had managed to gain power and authority across much of the Arabian Peninsula. This was influenced by the fact that the family was rich and loyal to the previous leaderships in the kingdoms. However, at the time Ibn Saud was being born, much of this power had been lost to other influential families around the society. This meant that Ibn Saud would grow with a mentality of regaining their power and establishing a permanent rule with his family as the royal one. Issues were running out of hand for the Al-Saud family, eventually in 1890, the family due to the powerful threats from their opponents Al Rashid family, was sent to exile in a foreign country to ensure safety and growth of their young son which was by then only ten years old. They were welcomed in Kuwait a few miles away from the Saudi Arabia border. The Al Rashid family which was also rich and powerful gained control over the city Riyadh, and consequently, the whole region of Arabian Peninsula. It was then that Ibn Saud who was growing up hand thoughts of regaining their kingdom dominating and eventually executed them successfully.

Following the exile from their original home land, the Al-said family took refuge in a foreign country which in this case was Kuwait. In the foreign country, they were welcomed with much hospitality considering their wealth and power status in the region. Despite their defeat in the home country, there were communities in the Islam society which were considered to be in a higher social and were worth respect all over the community. For this reason, in Kuwait, the family stayed comfortable lives and enjoyed the loyal family favors and privileges. However, this was not the solution to the fact that they had been kicked out of their mother land. They had to look for a way to move back to that society and regain their power. This was regardless the fact that they had less resources and personnel under their control to execute the plan. The young Ibn Saud was in the process of growing into manhood and leadership by the time they were sent to exile by the Al-Rashid family who the occupied and ruled their mother land. According to his judgment, his stay in exile was lengthy and it was time for him to formulate a way to take his land back to power. He had high hopes that he was the one to retake Riyadh and the people of Nejd would support him fully in this mission through both ideas and actions. All through his time in Kuwait, Ibn Saud grew with braveness and the urge to reclaim his family’s domain which was at this time occupied by the mighty Al-Rashid family. With this confident, Ibn Said was able to bring together ideas and personnel however the small their number was to execute his plan of regaining Riyadh.
Ibn Saud was never motivated considering the fact that they lived in exile land in Kuwait. Despite being treated fine and as a royal family, his urge to go back home and fight for their powers was growing with each day. He had the main task to prepare and compile a good executable plan which had to be successful to avoid instances of putting his life in danger. The kindness why found in Kuwait was no medicine for the main problem they were facing. Back in his mind, Ibn Said knew that at one instance he had to ensure that he leads a successful attack which would allow people to return to the place of their birth. This would take a brave and risk attack to the Al Rashid family the rulers off their land and the family responsible in sending them away to a land in exile. When most of the family members in the Al said family learnt what they young boy wanted to get into, they tried as much as possible to warn him over the imposed dangers of entering into such as struggle. They told him that his death was awaiting him if he tried to fight the Al Rashid family. However, he believed and felt that his fear and denial which led to him living in exile was much stronger than the death he was to face. There were imposed dangers to those who tried to close the desert and inevitable way to go back to their birth land. In contrast, he believed that it was the brevity he would use to close the desert and conquer the enemy that would give him and his family a peaceful breath in their mother land. For this reason, he was willing to risk his life and others who had the same objective for their fight to regain the power over Riyadh....

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