Write an outline of the project with the topic: The Relationship Between Britain and Saudi.
The paper should contain the following material:
Method(s) and Procedure(s)

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Abstract: A brief description of the project, clearly defining the focus period (1902-1918), the parties involved (Britain and Ibn Saud’s Arabian kingdom in Najd), and the progression in their relationship.
Literature Review: A detailed description of the sources researched throughout the project. An attempt at balance was made between the number of sources with a British bias and those with a Saudi bias. Sources which demonstrated a relatively even-handed approach to the Britain-Saudi relationship were given the most weight.
Background: A historical outline depicting major events. These include major meetings between Britain, Ibn Saud, and Ibn Saud’s rival, Hussein bin Ali. Other major historical events include Ibn Saud winning nominal independence from the Ottomans and larger geopolitical developments, such as British plans to construct a railway through the Ottoman Empire and the start of World War I. Most importantly, the rivalry between the British...

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