MG Greene and the Battle of Cowpens
Who he was, background and training he had for the operation, What was he trying to accomplish during the battle, what forces does he have to accomplish his objective, How does he execute mission command, Assess his ability to accomplish his mission and deal with the challenges he faces?

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Major general Nathanael Greene was one of the soldiers of the Continental Army, who participated in a number of wars in the United States. He was born on July 27, 1742 at Potowomut in the township of Warwick, Rhode Island. This place was initially part of the British North American territory. He was the second son of Mary Mott and Nathanael Greene Sr, who was a quicker merchant and a farmer. Before his father died, he moved to the Rhodes Island, where he established his own businesses, and also assembled some books about the military history.

He slowly developed interest in the fight against independence due to the kind of oppression, which took place in the United States against the Americans by the British soldiers. In fact, he was one of the few victims, who at some point had their business destroyed. After the death of their father, Greene took some control over the businesses that the family owned, and this also gave him the platform to fight against the oppression, which was evident in the country. In the year 1774, he married a distant cousin, and they together had their first son the following year (Buchanan, 1326).

In terms of the military training, Major General had participated in a number of wars, which gave him the opportunity to know much more when the Battle of the Cowpens eventually came. In Rhodes Island, Major General had participated in the war and this gave him a lot of experience on what he needed to become one of the reliable soldiers that he eventually became....

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