Native People of what we know today as Canada, the United States, and Mexico demonstrated great diversity at the time of sustained contact with various European peoples. Describe three different types of indigenous communities you would have encountered around 1491, using one each from Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Make sure to address this question:

1 Clearly identify which Native People you are discussing and where they were/are located

2 Identify their main source of subsistence

3 Identify their main community type (hamlet, village, town, urban area)

4 Identify early changes to their societies as a result of sustained contact with Europeans

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Native People of America
Native people of Canada are Inuit, Metis, from Mexico there was the Olmecs, and the United States had pre-Columbian ancestors. Metis and Inuit of Canada originated from the interaction between the locals and the European settlers during the...
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