Individual choices of leaders and those of communities impact subsequent history and interaction. Warfare, diplomacy, or trade is often influenced by early experiences with members of a particular group. Give at least two examples of early interactions between Native and non-Native people that were to play a role in future relations between these people. Make sure you provide detail about the following: (it should be in form of one page essay with clear topic sentence for each paragraph with a conclusion.)

1 Which People were represented

2 Who were the individuals involved

3 The consequences followed these early interactions in terms of the relationship of these People

4 An estimated time frame for these interactions

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Native People of America
The first French man to have contact with native America was Jean Nicolet. It is noted that he made peace treaty between the Huron and the people by the sea (Charles, 1904). This impact led to a lasting fur trade business between the Indian and French traders in exchange of European goods. Fur traders coming to North America brought about the established of the Roman Catholic Church ran by French Jesuit congregations. St. Francis Xavier later on...
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