Borders of nation states (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) have changed significantly over the last 200 years. Native Nations have been forced to take these changes into account, as they have frequently divided their traditional territories, impacted their access to resources and disrupted long-established relationships. These changing national borders also on occasion provided an opportunity for a re-negotiation of existing political relationships or the establishment of new relationships with a different government.

**Identify and discuss how two Native Nations (from different nation states; e.g. Canada and Mexico) were impacted by and their response to changing national borders. **

1) make argument with
- “”
- “” history and culture

2) also connect the topic with a news story from “”, providing clear citations and synthesis of information.

at least 3-5 pages

This is the Anthropology 270 class: The Native People of North America.

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Sovereignty and Identity of the First Nations in Canada and America
Before the invasion of the European countries, the First Nations from both North America and Canada enjoyed cultural, social, and political freedom. The nations enjoyed both regional and cultural sovereignty across their borders. Nevertheless, in the wake of explorations, the European forces sought to colonize the First nation for political and economic gains. Although the European forces failed to capture all the regions of Native Nation’s they led to the disruption of the traditional life and social norms. By the end of the struggles, most of the Native Nations had lost either their political ties with other native nations or their land sovereignty. The significant loss of political, economic, and social institutions led loss of sovereignty and identity....
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