“Case” 1960s :
This is a small piece seeking your analysis – what does History tell us about evolution in the Canadian business-labour-government relationship to the 1960s ? How is “doing business” in the 1960s different from the start of the century ? What forces influence business ? Labour ? Once again, a “real” firm or union can be an exemplar, but you can certainly opt to discuss these issues in more generic terms. If outside evidence is used, it must be cited.
Length : 1000 words. [4 pages normal fonts / margins]

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Evolution of the relationship between the business communities founded in Canada and stakeholders in the government has been influenced by the numerous events. Labor-business relations have depended on government regulation, market forces, and actions by unions that operate within the country. In the 1960s, such events by stakeholders shaped the contemporary mode of business operations through the transformation from conservative methods to new tactics suited to industrial and technological changes. As such, doing business in this period was different from the start of the century with the inception of new methods of transaction, acquiring labor, and the role of women. In this discussion, an illustration of this historical change allows for the evaluation of factors and forces that were most relevant in the Canadian business scene. The productivity of Canadian businesses relied on labor relations with the industries throughout modern history, with other factors of production having secondary roles....

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