Discuss at least two (2) different assumptions Europeans had about Native Americans when the two cultures first met. You must also include a discussion of either how the Conquistadors treated the Indians they met or how the Dutch, particularly under William Kieft, dealt with the various Indian tribes they encountered. A list of assumptions, in and of itself, is not a sufficient answer.

Discuss the events that took place in the Salem Witch Hunts and Trials of 1692. While you don't have to mention every single developement, you must state a) how many children accused b) who of being a witch and that led to c) what? In addition, d) state how many people were executed for being a witch and e) how the trials came to an end. f) Be sure to include in your answer at least two (2) theories as to why the Witch Hunts occurred. g) In addition, be sure to explain a major theme of American History that emerged out of the Trials.

There are a number of different ways to interpret the events that occurred in the American colonies from 1763 until 1775, as we increasingly moved towards armed conflict with England. For example, you might wish to consider when the American Revolution started. Was John Adams right that the Revolution was "complete in the hearts and mind of American twelve years" before the Battle of Concord and Lexington? Or was Dr. Benjamin Rush, a good friend of Ben Franklin's, right that the Revolution "started" with the Battle of Lexington and Concord? Another perspective by which to approach this time period, and the American Revolution for that matter, is to view these events as either being radical or conservative. Regardless of how you choose to approach this time period, you must use three examples INCLUDING the issue of the difference of how American colonists and the English viewed representative government to support your answer as to what the Revolution was all about.

Explain at least three underlying causes and/or consequences of Bacon's Rebellion. Be sure to identify who Bacon was, who the governor was, and what happened to Bacon and his followers. A list, in and of itself, is not sufficient.

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Question 1. European assumptions about the Native Americans during their initial interaction

During the early European settlement in the New World, especially in North America in 1500s, the interaction was actually a collision of two almost different types of people due to the fact that the cultures were entirely dissimilar. As the European settles entered the new world, they had expectations of the Natives, especially based on accounts by such explorers as Christopher Columbus and others some years earlier.
In particular, the Spanish explorers and colonizers had written various accounts describing the natives they had encountered in their journeys towards the new world. For instance, the common knowledge in Europe was that the natives in the new world were “primitive” and mostly warlike and hostile to each other but gentle and receptive to European newcomers. It was a common belief that the new world natives were ready and eager to exchange the goods they had, particularly native foods and minerals, with European products like food, clothing, and weapons. It is possible that these assumptions were not necessarily true because, apart from the accounts given by the explorers, many European governments were creating propaganda to encourage their citizens to venture into the new world and open new territories as they fought for overseas lands....

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