Create a timeline of some of the most significant events that contributed to Confederation.
Your timeline should include at least ten different events;
Each entry should include a detailed description of the chosen event and an explanation of its historical significance; and Select events that caused or were contributing factors to Confederation instead of listing the dates when each province joined the Dominion.
You will need to conduct additional research for this assignment. You must properly cite all references used.

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1867: Confederation   

Confederation is the federal union of the colonies of British North America . These were Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario, which came together to form the Dominion of Canada on 1st July 1867(ibid). The US purchase of Alaska in 1867 is believed to spur this; thus limiting America’s expansionism (ibid). The British support of rebellion in the American South also led to an abrogation of the reciprocity treaty allowing for free trade between the US and British North America (ibid). The creation of an independent country would thus ease the economic and military burden of Britain maintaining its colony. Through the Confederation, the colonies grew in strength and unity between themselves whilst fostering independence from Britain (ibid).

The transcontinental railway was also making leaps and bounds into new regions such as British Columbia...

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