Writing a book precis is a different task than writing a book review. The most important aspect of a book precis is its brevity and concise writing. The following information will be required for writing a book precis for this course:
1) The precis will be limited to one-page. Normal page margins (1-inch) will be used and text size will be 12-pt., single-spaced.
2) The precis will include three sections: A) Author’s argument, 2) Support for Argument, and 3) Evaluation and conclusion.
3) The author’s argument should encompass the overall argument of the book. Why did the author write the book? What point was the author trying to make to the reader?
4) When writing the Support for Argument section, the student should be very concise in their writing. Take the author’s argument and explain how the author supported that argument in the book. Don’t retell parts of the book. This section requires you to look at the big picture and determine the author’s overall approach to convincing the reader of their argument.
5) The final section, Evaluation and Conclusion, requires the student to evaluate whether or not the author’s writing convinced you of their argument. This section should be brief, concise, and leave no doubt in a reader’s mind as to the value of the book.
The written book precis should be limited to one page. If, after writing your precis, your paper is longer than one page, you must edit the paper to tighten the narrative and limit the writing to your strongest arguments and statements.

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“Dead Wake” by Erik Larson is a a story about a steamship named Lusitania. The ship is described as “magnificent ship” standing seven stories from dock to bridge. While the ship consumes coal at the rate of 140 tons a day, it remains still. The Lusitania is likened to the great Titanic ship because of its size and the belief that it was deemed unsinkable (Larson, 2016). The ship was considered not only big, but also capable of destroying the other warships. The mighty ocean liner is presented in the book as the paragon of civilization due to its size, sleekness and the level of innovation....

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