Reporting on the New York City Draft Riots of 1863 (1570 words)

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5-7 Page Essay. Double spaced, 12 pt font.

Compare views of two newspapers when reporting on the same event: The 1863 New York City draft riots
The newspapers available for use online are: Historical New York Time, The Sun, The New York Herald Tribune (originally the Herald and the Tribune were separate newspapers), The New York World (originally The Evening World).

Organization of the paper: Avoid summarizing the articles. Think instead in terms of subtopics related to the subject. For example: Draft Riots of 1863 – relevant subtopics are the views of Irish Catholics, of the Irish neighborhood, of Tammany, of the events related to the riots, of the targets of attacks, view of the Civil War, etc. At the end of the process, there will be a brief conclusion (of general character). Your research may result in concluding that the two papers held very similar views, or, that their views differed in their reporting– either way, you have to point to these conclusions throughout your research of the subtopics. You should be also able to conclude as to the character of the readership of the papers – in the case of Draft Riots was the readership Republican? Democratic? Anti-immigrant (nativist)? Reform groups?

All sources of information you have gathered must be cited.

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New York City faced a tumultuously fatal upheaval on the sultry summer day of July 13, 1863. Rioters took to the streets after President Abraham Lincoln had announced a draft for inscription into the Union Army. Thousands took the streets to protest, resulting in a violent city-wide riot. Blacks were particularly persecuted, as they were, at the time, not considered American citizens. Protesters directed their outrage at blacks, feeling blacks would take advantage of the opportunity to work in place of those drafted for less pay. The following is an account of the different versions of the day as portrayed in The New York Times, providing a highly descriptive and biased account, and The New York Tribune, providing a decidedly less biased reporting.
Although the account in the July 14 New York Times article only mentioned the descriptor Irish once, it was well known that many of the rioters were Irish Americans. By this account, the New York Times was decidedly biased against the Irish....
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