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Foreign Policy
• Explain the role of interventionism in T. Roosevelt’s and W. Wilson’s foreign policies. What impact did these policies have on Latin America? How has this affected the current relationship with Latin America?
• How did the Mexican Revolution affect the United States, and in what ways did American involvement in the Revolution lead to the United States’ entry into World War I?
• How and why did the United States become involved in World War I? What impact did the American involvement have on European nations?
• How were Wilson’s 14 Points intended to make WWI the “war to end all wars?” Specifically discuss the Treaty of Versailles and the theoretical framework of the treaty using one of the five main theories of foreign policy.

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United States under President George Washington laid a policy of isolationism and non-intervention, which was maintained for 200 years. But, gradually, since late 19th century, the changing circumstances in the neighbourhood and around the world posed a tough question for the U.S. foreign policy—to intervene or stay in isolation and focus on domestic issues. The Spanish-American war in 1898 marked a “pivotal transformation” of American foreign policy as President Theodore Roosevelt chose to intervene to rescue Cuba from colonial clutches of Spain. Actually, the demand for U.S. intervention grew post the unexpected sinking of the battleship USS Maine in Havana harbour. This battleship had been sent to protect the U.S. citizens and property after anti-Spanish rioting in Havana. The proximity of Cuba to America and its importance as a gateway to trade in Latin America made involvement of America essential. Consequently, Spain was thoroughly defeated and ceded to America all its colonial possessions in western and eastern hemisphere.
The U.S. granted conditional independence to Cuba while Puerta Rico and Guam were annexed as American territories. This...
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