Primary Source Investigation Project -- Historical research necessitates utilization of primary sources such as newspapers. From colonial times, newspapers in this country have been important in reporting, interpreting, and sometimes shaping events. For this project, locate three newspaper articles from the time period of our course of study (prior to 1877). You may find your newspapers at the public libraries (such as the downtown Nashville public library or Archives), or you may choose to do your research on the Internet. A recent and very good publication for primary sources is our own city's paper Nashville Retrospect. You should not use sources online that you have to pay for. If you are asked to pay for access to the newspapers, do not do so, just continue your research and find materials that are free. NEWSPAPERS must be used for this project, not magazines, books or other sources, nor books about newspapers. Read and review articles from each of the three newspaper articles, describing what the articles are about and your own reaction to them. Prepare a typewritten paper of at least 3 full pages of text, double-spaced, font size 12, standard one-inch margins, on each newspaper (for a total of at least 4 pages of text for the project in addition to the cover page). Be certain to include the NAME AND DATE of each of the newspapers you are reviewing.
War News by the Cable;
Knoxville Chronicle;
Plulanski Citizen

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Reviewing and learning history might be difficult, sometimes even dull, but with right and authentic sources history can be understood in a proper way. One of the best sources for understanding events from history, historical processes and historical epochs are the print media, more precisely the newspapers. If we truly want to understand the XIX century United States, a century where America has still been on the periphery of global affairs and distribution of powers we can see that through review of the newspapers from that age.
Newspapers articles can show us the worries of the Americans from the XIX century; they can show us their hopes, what made them proud and what caused their shames. Driven with that motivation, I went on an internet search and found three articles dating before 1877, which I found interesting and intriguing, and which had influence of mine understanding of the United States in the second...

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