Course Purpose: this course covers the history of colonial america,...

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Course Purpose: this course covers the history of colonial america, focusing on the territory that became the united States of America. We will discuss the European background to colonization, the cultural clash between Africans, Native Americans, and Europeans, and proceed to look at the process of colonization and settlement. We will also discuss the develment of institutions such as self-government, salary, and the trade and commercial networks that covered the entire Atlantic world. furthermore, we will look at the emergence of Euro-American and Afro-American cultures in North Amrica and their maturation up until to about 1760.
The first paper will focus on the process of colonization, you should look at a particular region(the Spanish Southwest, New England, The Chesapeake, or the Mid-Atlantic) and discuss the early settlement of that region. you may focus on an individual, the ideology or mentality of the settlers, or the difficulties encountered in the process of colonization.
Breen and Hall, Colonial America in an Atlantic World (B)
Kupperman, Major Problems in Colonial American History (K)

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Emergence of British colonies in North America was due to the complex of different social, economic, political and religious reasons. The process of colonization was closely connected with the situation in England in the beginning of XVII century. According to contemporaries England was overpopulated country, where existed thousands of people that were ready to move to the New world. During XVII century there main regions of colonization were formed: southern colonies, central (or mid-Atlantic) colonies and colonies of New England: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and Province of New Hampshire. This essay is devoted to the early settlements of New England, that were founded in the period of 1620-1640 as the corporate colonies (colonies founded by different stock companies that received rights from the Crown or English parliament: for example, Plymouth company or Company of Massachusetts bay).
The main distinctive feature of the process of colonization in New England was the fact that these colonies appeared due to the religious reason – «puritan outcome» from England on the eve of revolution. Puritanism is diverse phenomenon, quite heterogeneous in its political and social measuring. Puritans were a group of English protestants who sought to purify the Church of England from catholic practices. Puritanism emerged in the XVI century and in 1620s it numbered many followings. During the reign of James I in England puritans were persecuted, so they decided to depart to the New world in order to create pious society, in a sence the settlement under the protection of God.
In the 1620 after long and exhausted voyage a group of religious travelers known as the Pilgrims along with adventures, tradesmen and servants arrived on the Mayflower from England and the Netherlands to establish Plymouth Colony, which was the first British colony in New England to last over a year and one of the first colonies of British Colonial America. Pilgrims landed within 200 miles of the Virginia, in the place that was called by captain John Smith New England. On shipboard of Mayflower Pilgrims signed historical document – Mayflower compact in which they promised to enact and constitute equal laws that shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the colony. This document contained also covenant with God: in the text there are several references to this fact (for example, the compact is undertaken for the...

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