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Examine the influence of the Progressive thought on American society. What are the factors that gave rise to this “movement,” and what have been its long term effects?

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Several factors contributed to the rise of the American Progressive Era from 1900 to 1916. At this pivotal point in history, American society was challenged with how to respond to demanding social issues, including urbanization, industrialization, political corruption, immigration, public and environmental health, and women’s suffrage. As the United States quickly expanded, so did these social themes, and the voices of Americans, particularly the white collared and working classes, including black and white women, became louder, crying for more public awareness, public policy changes, and justice, not only through public protests, workers’ strikes, and political reforms, but also through literature and art. But these voices were not all positive, as with policy reform and liberalization of social movements came restrictions on immigration and an increase in white supremacy in certain areas of the country.
American cities expanded rapidly, creating a variety of social issues. By 1920, for the first time in U.S. history, more Americans lived in urban settings rather than rural ones (Foner, 544). Artists in the Ashcan School depicted American city life, showcasing how social classes mixed and mingled in urban settings (Foner, 543). In the first decade of the 20th century, people who wanted social and political reform started to join together, calling themselves Progressives (Foner, 544). Not only did businessmen and reform organizations jump into the mix, but so did photographers, journalists, and writers who...

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