5.How, when and where did Bidwell become established in Chico? 6...

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5.How, when and where did Bidwell become established in Chico?

6. Including the following terms, describe Bidwell's relationships with, and views about, Chinese workers: boycott, immigration.

7. Including the following terms, describe Bidwell's relationship to local Native Americans: refuge, labor.

8. What was Bidwell's management strategy for his ranch?

9. How did Bidwell promote California locally and internationally?

10. When did Bidwell create the town of Chico? Why?

11. How did Bidwell attract settlers to Chico?

12. Which natural features bordered Chico initially?

13. Which of Bidwell Mansion's notable house guests, have you heard of?

14. How did Bidwell contribute to California's Central Valley becoming one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world?

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5. How, when and where did Bidwell become established in Chico?
Bidwell founded Chico in 1860 after he arrived as one of the first English-speaking settlers to arrive in California 19 years earlier (1841). Chico is in Northern California, northeast of San Francisco and Sacramento. Bidwell bought land after becoming rich in the California Gold Rush in 1851 and slowly increased his holdings until it could become a city of its own right in 1860.

6. Chinese workers: Bidwell was more tolerant of Chinese immigrants and their beliefs than most other white Californians. When anti-Chinese riots erupted in 1877, Bidwell cracked down and did his best to ensure their safety. However, Bidwell saw the Chinese as a good labor source and paid them less than their white counterparts. He also...

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