The Constitution’s Role in Strengthening and Refining the Federal Government (1240 words)

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Read the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution at the National Archives link:

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you discuss the following:
•How the Constitution addressed the weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation
•How the Constitution addressed the complaints in the Declaration of Independence
•The Great Compromise and how representation of states in Congress is determined

Include a more detailed discussion of one of the following topics in your paper:
•The method of election for officials in the U.S. House of Representatives, Senate, and executive branch
•The Electoral College and the indirect election of senators
•The treatment of slaves for the purpose of representation and the effects thereof
•Methods of amendment
•The Commerce clause and its significance
•The method of ratification of the original Constitution
•The Bill of Rights

See Question.pdf for part 2 and take a look at the grid.

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The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was required due to the weak federal government established by the Articles of Confederation, which were written and ratified during the American Revolution. The Articles of Confederation allowed the colonies to consolidate too much power within their own smaller governments, which did not allow a federal government or national identity to form to a sufficient extent. Although Freedman (1992) asserts that the real weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation were within the colonial governments instead of the national government, Novak (2008) states that the American state was centralized and the federal government was given extraordinary powers by the Constitution compared to what existed in the Articles of Confederation. Novak (2008) also supports Hannah Arendt’s conclusion that “the true objective of the American constitution was not to limit but to create more power, actually to establish and duly constitute an entirely new power center...

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