Firsthand Account: A Soldier at the Alamo - 1st Person Journal Entry (840 words)

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Choose one of the following people and document your experiences, in first person, as someone living in the 19th century.
A female pioneer on the Oregon trail
A Mormon pioneer in Utah
A gold miner in California
A Shoshoni Indian in Wyoming when Europeans arrived
A white slave owner in Mexican Texas
A Mexican Tejano or Tejana in American Texas
A soldier at the Alamo during the battle
A Native American displaced into Oklahoma
Write a 700- to 1,050-word journal entry, either as a story or an explanation, that includes the following:
A description of the social, economic, and political forces of the times
A description of the acquisition of the territory where you live by the United States and a discussion of the effects of the acquisition on your life; for example, if you chose to be a Mormon pioneer, discuss the United States’ acquisition of the Utah territory and discuss its effect on people living in the territory at the time.
Cite and reference all sourced material consistent with APA guidelines.

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We are currently trapped here on this cold February morning in 1836. Those Mexicans under Santa Anna surprised us both with the ferocity of their assault and the numbers. On February 22, we were inebriated, celebrating President Washington’s birthday with most of the town, and only a squad of Texians were on duty (Nufi, 2009). Travis hastily organized the defense after Santa Anna force-marched his Mexicans into San Antonio. We were extremely lucky that Santa Anna’s cavalry broke off the chase, otherwise they would have slaughtered half our garrison before we even set our defensive positions. The Alamo, this old Mexican citadel, seems like the only place where we can hold out and somehow defeat them while being besieged. Colonel Travis is an excellent leader and he is going to get us out of this, I am sure...

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