Two questions from the Dee Brown article, “Trail of Tears.”
1. Explain how the ways in which the government acquired land from the Cherokee reflect the pattern of dispossession.
2. Dee Brown calls the removal of the Cherokees the "Trail of Tears."
Is this an example of the concept of "presentism?"
Were most Americans crying for the Cherokees when the tribe was forced to relocate West of the Mississippi River?
Give evidence to support your answer.

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1. The way the United States government acquired lands from the Cherokee Indians is very similar to how early colonists and the European powers dealt with the Native Indian populations: at first, treaties were signed and then broken and finally force was used. Yet, the Cherokees experienced a worse version of the tactic; they were rounded up and marched away by the army, with a severe death toll. The United States had decided that all Indians must move west of the Mississippi River. The land west of the river would be their territory. The Cherokee’s land and homes were being sold by lottery system to white settlers, although many of Indian community leaders appealed to the United States government for help...

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