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Using Dolly Madison: The Problem of National Unity

Write a paper addressing all of the following:
How was Dolly instrumental in uniting the country, what did she do and why is it relevant?
How did she define Republican style and why is that significant?
What was Dolly’s role in the War of 1812?
Following the destruction of Washington D.C., Congress debated moving the capital back to Philadelphia. What did Dolly do in regard to this? What was the significance?

Your paper needs to be 5-7pages long. Your need to format your paper to be left justified, double spaced with 0pt spacing, 12pt Times New Roman font, 1” margins all the way around, page numbers in the bottom left corner, a title page and a works cited page – these do not count in your page total. The first line of every paragraph needs to be indented.

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The present paper takes the form of a biographical study. As such, it is based on the role of Dolly Madison and her role in setting up the foundation of the American society. Four key objectives will be fulfilled. Foremost, the role she played in uniting the country and the significance of her efforts will be documented. Secondly, how Dolly defined the Republican style and its implications will principle. Thirdly, Dolly’s role in the War of 1812 and its significance for the country will be explained. The ultimate objective will entail explaining Dolly’s role in influencing the debate of whether to shift the country’s capital from Washington, D. C. to Philadelphia will be set forth.

Dolly’s Role in Uniting the Country and Its Relevance
In the book by Allgor (2012), it is revealed that while her husband laid the groundwork for the national unity, Dolly Madison laid the foundations of unity. As such, Dolly connected people and diffused any conflict that prevailed. In addition, as Allgor (2012) revealed, Dolly took on the abstractions for which James had been justly famed....

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