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1. Retelling the stories of Br’er Rabbit and Br’er Fox are examples of _____ for African Americans.
A. violent resistance
B. passive resistance
C. secret code for violent rebellion
D. codes used in the Underground Railroad

2. Which rebellion resulted in freedom and independence for enslaved people?
A. the Haitian Rebellion
B. Nat Turner's Rebellion
C. The German Coast Uprising
D. No answer is correct.

3. Which statement about slave rebellions is correct?
A. Slave rebellions on U.S. plantations were not as successful as rebellions at sea or on Caribbean islands.
B. Because of slave rebellions, enslavers treated enslaved people more kindly and gave them more rights.
C. Slave rebellions in the Americas failed to free even a single person from enslavement.
D. Slave rebellions only occurred in the United States and not in other countries in the Americas.

4. For those who were against slavery, in what sense could Nat Turner’s Rebellion have been considered a positive event?
A. It proved that enslaved people needed white guidance.
B. It showed that enslaved people were not happy with their situation and wanted to be free.
C. It made many enslavers angry, and they acted more violently toward enslaved people.
D. It showed that enslaved people could win their freedom by fighting their enslavers.

5. Which of the following did Frederick Douglass demonstrate when he forged papers and escaped enslavement?
A. agency
B. violent resistance
C. oral tradition
D. abolition

6. Which of the following did the Seminole Wars reflect?
A. the continued expansion of United States territory
B. the displacement of American Indians
C. the attempted expansion of slavery into Florida
D. All answers are correct.

7. What form of resistance was the act of running away?
A. covert resistance
B. violent resistance
C. anonymous resistance
D. abolitionist resistance

8. The Second Great Awakening caused abolitionists to protest slavery based on _____.
A. economic issues
B. political issues
C. moral issues
D. scientific theories

9. Why is it difficult to measure how many enslaved people were liberated through the Underground Railroad?
A. The organizers who kept the records were discovered and jailed, and their records were destroyed.
B. The Underground Railroad was a loose organization of abolitionists who kept no records to preserve secrecy.
C. The Quakers and free African Americans who operated the Underground Railroad could not write.
D. Enslaved people who recorded their journeys left the records in Canada, where they were later destroyed.

10. Which nation emerged from a slave rebellion to have the first government controlled by black people in the Americas?
A. Barbados
B. Haiti
C. Jamaica
D. The Dominican Republic

11. An enslaved person who deliberately breaks a cotton gin is participating in _____.
A. covert resistance
B. armed rebellion
C. abolition
D. guerrilla tactics

12. Which of the following people is most closely associated with the Underground Railroad?
A. Frederick Douglass
B. Harriet Tubman
C. Nat Turner
D. Denmark Vesey

13. Thomas is an enslaved person who has heard about a secret network of loosely organized safehouses that will take him in on his journey north. What has Thomas likely heard about?
A. the conspiracy of Denmark Vesey
B. The Liberator
C. the American Colonization Society
D. the Underground Railroad

14. Anti-abolitionist mob activity in the North primarily came from which group?
A. free African Americans who wanted to control the movement
B. white and black advocates for women’s suffrage
C. southern enslavers who paid troublemakers to agitate workers
D. white laborers who felt threatened by free African American competition for jobs

15. What event led to freedom for enslaved people in an entire colony?
A. the Amistad revolt
B. the Haitian Rebellion
C. the Havana uprising
D. the German Coast Uprising

16. Which of the following statements best summarizes the Underground Railroad?
A. Enslaved African Americans could rely on it for a safe, fast escape to freedom.
B. It was a reliable escape route to the Caribbean.
C. Enslaved people who used it were exempt from ever being captured by fugitive slave laws.
D. It was a dangerous operation for all people involved, enslaved and free.

17. The Underground Railroad was most accessible to enslaved people in _____.
A. port cities
B. Mississippi and Alabama
C. Florida
D. Kentucky and Maryland

18. Enslaved people staged more successful revolts in the Caribbean because _____.
A. British enslavers were more lenient with restrictions regarding enslaved people
B. African-Caribbean enslaved people significantly outnumbered their enslavers
C. Africans were considered an endless resource
D. enslaved people could get help from other colonial powers

19. Which statement about abolitionists in the 1840s is correct?
A. All abolitionists wanted immediate freedom for all enslaved people.
B. Abolitionists only wanted to stop the spread of slavery, not to end slavery.
C. Some abolitionists preferred gradually freeing enslaved people instead of immediately freeing them.
D. All abolitionists wanted to send liberated enslaved people back to Africa.

20. What benefit would enslaved people have living in an enslaver’s house?
A. They would have more opportunities to communicate with others.
B. They would not be noticed if missing.
C. They would be required to be literate.
D. They would acquire survival and navigation skills.

21. What happened to the enslaved Africans in the aftermath of the Amistad and Creole cases?
A. Those aboard the Creole were freed, but the Africans aboard the Amistad were returned to enslavement.
B. Those aboard the Amistad were freed, but the Africans aboard the Creole were returned to enslavement.
C. The Africans aboard both ships were freed.
D. The Africans aboard both ships were returned to enslavement.

22. The Amistad case resulted in tense diplomatic relations between the United States and _____.
A. Great Britain
B. France
C. Spain
D. Italy

23. Covert resistance sometimes included tactics such as _____.
A. arson or suicide
B. armed rebellion
C. agreeing to help enslave other people
D. reporting abusive enslavers to local authorities

24. Which event demonstrates the agency of enslaved African Americans?
A. Quakers in London forming an anti-slavery society
B. Nat Turner leading his rebellion
C. African Americans subscribing to The Liberator
D. the Supreme Court ordering the prisoners of the Amistad to be freed

25. Two enslaved men are considering escaping: one who works in the house, and the other who works in the fields. What advantage would the person who works in the house likely have?
A. He would be legally allowed to learn how to read and write.
B. He would have met contacts who could potentially help him escape.
C. He would be more familiar with back roads.
D. He would have more flexible work hours and would be less likely to be missed.

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1. Retelling the stories of Br’er Rabbit and Br’er Fox are examples of _____ for African Americans.
A. violent resistance
B. passive resistance
C. secret code for violent rebellion
D. codes used in the Underground Railroad

1. B (passive resistance)...

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