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Write three separate essays; answer all parts of the question, no sources required, and no citations required. Must be at least 3-5 paragraphs, depending on the number of parts in the essay.

1.    The Civil War was the result of what unresolved issues? How were these issues temporarily dealt with in an effort to forestall war? What finally upset the balance? Could war have been prevented?

2. Women impacted American society in various ways. Explain how women impacted the nation following the end of the War of 1812, include women’s efforts in religion and reform, and explain what role- if any- race played in women’s impacts.

3. Manifest Destiny was how Americans justified their westward expansion. Discuss what this is, how we expanded, and how our actions contradicted our stated ideals.

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The American Civil War

The American civil war arose from sharp disagreements on the institution of slavery in the United States of America. While the northern territories hit by a wave of evangelism started seeing slavery as immoral and needed to be removed from the country, the southern states economies were dependent on the institution of slavery for economic expansion. The Constitution of the United States did not explicitly ban slavery, and the southern states argued that it would be a violation of the Constitution to ban slavery in their states. The northern states increasingly advocated for the abolishment of slavery and even when slaves freed to their lands, they did not return them as mandated by the constitution. The fugitive slave act of 1850 banned the practice and mandated states to return fugitive slaves to their...

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