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Research a contemporary topic of interest to you which may influence your professional future. Choose a topic that you do not know a lot about. Compose a
750-1000 word typed summary of your findings and at a minimum address the following items:
Items that must be addressed as part of your summary are listed as follows:
1.) What is the topic?
2.) What makes this topic a contemporary issue in your opinion?
3.) How is the topic relevant to engineering?
4.) Why I chose this topic?
5.) How might this topic affect my career path?
6.) What you learned about this topic that you did not already know?
7.) Has your opinion about this topic changed as a result of your research?
Cite reference materials responsibly and accordingly. Do not include references as part of your word count.

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Today, oil is one of the most contemporary issues that define global affairs. Although the oil or petroleum industry has been around for many years, it has remained relevant and topical due to the nature of oil as the most widely used source of fuel across the globe. As a contemporary issue, oil is critical for many industries, and it forms the backbone of the industrial age (Bland, 2015). Many global relations and affairs revolve around oil, and it is, therefore, one of the most important issues that bring nations together either in cooperation or conflicts. It is certainly difficult to imagine the current world without oil. Industries, automobiles, and airplanes are mostly powered by oil. The oil industry from exploration, transportation, refining, storage, and applications is a multi-billion dollar industry where every nation seeks to be a player....

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