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Paragraph 1
Choose 1 Native American group. How was this tribe impacted by Westward Expansion?

Paragraph 2
What Federal policies governed treatment of the chosen Native groups?

Paragraph 3
Were there external factors which impacted Westward Expansion?

Paragraph 4
Describe the tribe’s historical outcome, including major events and armed conflicts during and after westward expansion and what may have been important to the history of the tribe in the present day.

Paragraph 5
Explain the history of at least 1 historical figure of the chosen tribe and events surrounding that individual’s life.

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The Cherokee nation

The westward expansion affected the Cherokee tribe described as one of the most civilized of the native groups immensely. The group, however, lost their lands to settler invasion supported by government sanctioned removal.
President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 that became the death knell for the Cherokee nation amongst other native societies (Carlson and Roberts, 2006). The Act allowed for the expedited...

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