Requirements: 1. double spaced 2. Four pages long 3. You need t...

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1. double spaced
2. Four pages long
3. You need to read the textbook first, and then based on the textbook u read, write this short paper.
Course description: this course covers the discovery, exploration and colonization of America, the colonial period, the American Revolution, the new republic westward expansion, industrialization, and the Civil War
Textbook:John Demos, The Unredeemed Captive

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The Unredeemed Captive is a family story by John Demos. In the story, the author examines not only the folding of events around his family but also presents the themes of conflicts, antagonism and struggle for independence from Britain, French, Native Indians and the Puritans. The particular themes examined include slavery, religion, alienation, colonization and the early formation of the modern nations. From a scholarly perspective, the book is not only a descriptive tale but also gives reliable and valid facts that led to the unfolding of the events as well as the reactions of the third parties involved. Through an explicit examination of these themes, it is possible to give a summed statement on the early life of Native Americans after the invasion of the European powers. This paper examines these themes in relevance to Demo’s story and offer substantial evidence of Demos claims.
In 1704, at the onset of the book, the Indian and French troops attacked the Massachusetts down, occupied by the Puritans of the New...

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