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Choose 1 article from a historical journal or magazine. Prepare a summary of the article. Do not use any other source since this assignment is to summarize the author’s article that you chose.

A full three – four page paper on the article of your choice. It must be double spaced and a font no larger than 12. Use MLA or Chicago Style for citations.

Remember, this is a summary. Therefore, put the article in your own words. Quotes, if used at all, should be used sparingly. No more than 2 quotes for the entire paper. And the quotes should not be more than 2 lines. If and when you quote, please cite properly. If you have questions, consult the Citation Information for further information.

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“Avoiding the Gilded Prison” is an article written by Jason Emerson about the life of the firstborn son of the Abraham Lincoln, Robert Todd Lincoln. Emerson has discussed the life of the president’s son from his early life, education, a career as a lawyer, state officer in different positions and as president of the Pullman Company. Most of the paper has however focused on the numerous opportunities that he churned to vie for the position of the vice-president or presidential nominee for the Republican Party.

Emerson contended that Robert was the firstborn of the 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln and was born in 1843. He was the only child of the four siblings to reach adulthood after the three others succumbed to different illnesses in their childhood....

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