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1. You are a delegate to the Continental Congress in July 1776. Will you support or oppose the Lee Resolution? Why, or why not?

2. Discuss some of the key campaigns and battles of the Revolutionary War. You may write from the perspective of a soldier in the war if you so wish.

3. Identify some of the groups of people in American society who became Tories. Why did they take this stance in opposition to American independence?

4. Discuss efforts to frame state constitutions after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Consider John Adams's "Thoughts on Government" and constitutions such as those adopted in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

5. How did the Revolution begin to change attitudes about slavery? How did folks like Anthony Benezet and David Cooper point out the incompatibility between the ideals of the Revolution and the reality of slavery?

6. Why was the Critical Period so named? Point out some of the problems that beset Americans under the Confederation government.

7. You are a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. State your position on the composition of the legislative branch, the nature of the executive branch, and representation of the slave population.

8. How did the "Federalist Papers" deal with some of the doubts about the Constitution? Focus on arguments set forth in "Federalist Papers" 10,51, and 62.

9. You are a delegate to a state ratifying convention. Argue for or against ratification, and mention which state you represent.

10. How do you view the legacy of the American Revolution? Why were Americans able to craft an enduring republic when other revolutions have resulted in violent upheaval and authoritarian governments?

11. Use 2 or 3 sentences to summarize the historical characters and events. For the characters: summarize the life time, main events and the influences & significance related to the person. For the events: related people, place, time, influence and significance.
(1) John Locke
(2) Richard Henry Lee
(3) John Dickinson
(4) Lord Kames
(5) Landon Carter
(6) "Thoughts on Government"
(7) Carter Braxton
(8) Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776
(9) Council of Censors
(10) Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
(11) Jonathan Edwards the Younger
(12) David Cooper
(13) Northwest Ordinance
(14) Shays's Rebellion
(15) Annapolis Convention of 1786
(16) Certificates of Depreciation
(17) James Harrington
(18) Virginia Plan
(19) Connecticut Compromise
(20) 3/5 compromise
(21) "Federalist 51"
(22) Roger Sherman
(23) Melancton Smith
(24) Patrick Henry
(25) William Paterson

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1. You are a delegate to the Continental Congress in July 1776. Will you support or oppose the Lee Resolution? Why, or why not?

The Lee resolution, so named for Richard Henry Lee of the Virginia colony, was presented to congress on June 7, 1776. Yet, several colonies were not ready to break away from England including: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and South Carolina. Congress agreed to delay a vote for or against the Lee’s resolution until July 1st 1776. In the intervening period between, Congress appointed a committee to draft a formal declaration of independence. Its members were John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Robert R. Livingston of New York and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of the document, which was presented to Congress for review on June 28, 1776.
The debate on the Lee Resolution resumed as planned on July 1st, with a majority of the delegates favoring the resolution....

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