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In 2000-2500 words analyze the development of one of the historical themes below as it relates to early American history:
American Exceptionalism: From the early colonial period Americans have developed a sense of their special place on the continent, as well as a unique sense of destiny. Analyze this phenomenon and address the following related questions:
-What role did the conception of Providence, or faith, play in the development of American exceptionalism?
-What role did the notion of a manifest destiny play in expressing notions of uniquely American progress?
-How has the idea of liberty contributed to the concept of American exceptionalism?
-How did Americans come to conceive of their country as an empire?
The Frontier: Western expansion and the formative forces which helped shaped American attitudes about themselves and their nation can be related to the spirit of the frontier.
-How did the journey west transform the pioneers who undertook it?
-What was one effect of the frontier and western expansion on the culture and/or society of the United States?
-Analyze one effect of western expansion on the environment of the frontier?
-Analyze one effect of western expansion on the Native Americans who occupied the frontier?
Role of Leadership: To what extent can effective leadership shape history? Focusing on the Civil War period, analyze whether this conflict can be explained as a failure of a 'blundering generation' of leaders, or other irrepressible historical forces.
-Analyze how/why the phenomenon of compromise failed to materialize in the early 1860s?
-Discuss the role of Union and Confederate leadership in the leadup to war?
-Consider the view that the persistence of slavery in America constituted an irrepressible force which caused the civil war?
-Analyze why the conflict over slavery erupted in war in 1860.
Regionalism: It has been argued that the United States is a country made of distinct nations. To what extent can we view early U.S. history through the prism of regional rivalries?
-To what extent is regionalism evident in early American history?
-Analyze an example of regional rivalry in American history.
-Analyze an example of regional cooperation in American history.
-Discuss some factors which contributed to the persistence of regionalism in early American history. Why did the U.S. simply not shed her regional eccentricities?
Biography and History: Analyze how studying the life and times of an individual can shed light on the history of their time period. Is biography an appropriate method of conducting historical inquiry?
-Using examples, analyze the degree to which an individual can shape, or is shaped by, historical forces.
-Analyze an example of a historical figure in early American history whose biography was shaped by historical forces beyond their control.
-Analyze an example of a historical figure in early American history who was able to impact the course of history.
-Discuss the relationship between an individual's life and times and their respective historical period.
Historical Imagination versus Historical Memory: Analyze the conflict between what American's know and remember about their history with what they imagine actually happened. Which force is more powerful in drawing the American historical narrative--imagination, or memory?
-Compare and contrast historical imagination and historical memory.
-Using examples, analyze how relying on historical imagination may distort the historical record.
-Discuss why it can be difficult to remain fully faithful to historical memory.

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American politicians love to use the term "American exceptionalism" especially when they want to excite their voting blocks. In spite of the popularity of the phrase, it is not whether the people who use it clearly understand its meaning and historical background. According to Tryrrell (2016) The phrase "American Exceptionalism" is not the same as saying that America is unique. This is because every country is unique in its own in terms of culture, the language, the people, political organization and social structure. The use of the term "exceptionalism" requires something much deeper than just being different. For instance, the fact that many Americans believe that the U.S has had historical path based on the laws and norms that are different from the other countries. The essence of "American Exceptionalism" can, therefore, be derived from the country's unique history and how the history has impacted on other parts of the world.
Concept of Exceptionalism
The United States is one of the biggest and most powerful countries in the world. However, what defines the exceptionality of the U.S is its history on issues such as freedom, liberty and the influence that the country has had on other countries around the world. According to Tyrrell (2016), the United States gained its exceptionalism in the years following the end of the Second World War, in what was seen as moral superiority over the European powers of the time. In other words, the U.S versus Europe dichotomy is the foundation upon which the concept of American Exceptionalism was formed.
According to the report by the Pew Research Center, released in 2012, most American people believe in the concept of "American Exceptionalism." The research focused on the Americans' belief on the superiority of the American culture, compared to the other cultures. From the research, it was reported that many people do not understand what the phrase "American Exceptionalism," and that the majority of the people only appreciated the concept because politicians use it a lot (Crane, 2014). The 2012 U.S presidential elections was mainly...

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