Write an essay addressing some of these questions:

Why did the colonists in British North America adapt to slavery so well?
(Explain slavery in antiquity).
Why did Europeans adopt African slavery in the late fifteenth century?
Why did ship captains fear revolt during the “middle passage”?
What was life like for a slave on a sugar plantation?
Why did slavery differ in New England and the Carolinas?
Why did colonists in the Chesapeake embrace a slave society?

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Beginning in the mid-17th century, slavery became increasingly important as a part of society in British North America. Slavery was not necessarily a foreign concept in British history. The medieval feudal system and even the idea of indentured servitude could be described as forms of slavery with various rules, some with the opportunity for freedom, some not. Slavery in America would simply take an old idea and transform it into something that would wind its way seamlessly into colonial life.
Europeans first adopted African slavery in the late 15th century. Slavery was not a new thing in Africa. It was deeply entrenched and easy for the Europeans to take advantage of. With the acquisition of new colonies and their respective crops (sugar, tobacco, rice, etc.) a new source of labor was needed as these crops required intense physical cultivation. Africa was an easy target, and it did not take long before colonists in America would see the advantage....

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