After considering a number of the topics that we’ve covered throughout the semester (consult your course outline if you don’t remember the topics), tell me IN YOUR OWN WORDS, but using specific examples to support your information, What have you learned in this course?   Of course, while this might sound like an “open ended” question, I would like you to reflect on specific case studies/topics that were of most interest to you, or those events that led you to reexamine your own world view. You much address in ESSAY format at least THREE of the following four questions in formulating your response:

• Has your perspective toward one particular topic, event or era in American history as we have studied it changed at all? If so, in what way has it changed? Rely on specific examples to support your position.
• In your opinion, what are some of the most significant changes that occurred in the United States since the point of settlement through the era of American Civil War?   Are there still unresolved conflicts similar to those that existed from 1600 - 1865? And, if so, what are they? Use specific examples from the course topics to support your response.
• Based on the information covered in this course, how do you see the place (i.e. the historical significance) of the United States in respect to the larger international system? In what ways is the place of the contemporary U.S. different than the United States of the 19th century (think of social, political, economic transitions for example)? How is it similar? Offer evidence to support your opinion.
• At the conclusion of this course, how do you see yourself as a student of United States history? Do you feel differently about the history of the United States than when you began the course and, if so, in what ways? Be as specific as possible in your explanation.

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History Reflection

In the course of the semester, I have experienced a change in perspective on a number of topics in American history. The change in perspective on these topics has been contributed by the fact that during the course work I have gained insightful information that I did not previously have on most of these American history topics. Also, I have gained more understanding on most of the American history events and eras that I did not previously possess. One of the topics, I consider my perspective to have significantly changed with respect to American history is on the earliest immigrants having the best chance of obtaining position and wealth. Initially, my perspective with regard to the immigration to America was that the first immigrants had the best...
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