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Choose two pro-slavery and two anti-slavery documents and write a 750-word essay that examines how the proponents and opponents of slavery used similar concepts in their arguments. You should identify the authors’ main point, and examine how they defended their positions. Your paper should conclude by explaining why some contemporaries of slavery may have found certain arguments compelling, while others found them offensive (to conclude effectively, you will need to explain the historical context in which these texts were written, based on what you have read.

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While numerous controversial issues have entangled the history of the U.S., slavery is perhaps the most debated, given the range of documentation that prevails in advancing views for and against the practice. In its most basic form, slavery refers to a condition where some individuals own others and control the actions of the enslaved persons as well as where they live. On the one hand, J.D.B. De Bow and Samuel George Morton perceive slavery as an ideal status quo. On the other hand, Theodore Weld and Frederick Douglas advocate the notion that slavery is not a virtuous outcome. Despite their contradicting interest in slavery, each of the authors has a strong case, given that they all use similar concepts and present arguments that illustrate unity in their views.
In his work, J.D.B. De Bow holds out that the blacks...

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