The American Revolutionary War: From Social Expectation to Self Interest (920 words)

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Did the Revolutionary War cause a shift in American society from “social expectation” to “self-interest” between 1763-1815? [HINT: Explain social relations during the colonial period.]

Address each of the following questions with at least one paragraph for each as you answer the question above.

Why did the colonists react so strongly to the Proclamation of 1763?
Why did so many protest the Stamp Act?
How did the belief in “social expectation” explain why many colonists opposed the Revolutionary War?
Why did some see the Constitution as a threat to self-interest?
Finally, why did the battle between federalism and republicanism represent the last battle between “social expectation” and “self interest” in America?

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The American Revolutionary caused a shift in American society from a culture concerned with social expectation to one that was more concerned with self-interest between 1763 and 1815. The overall political climate went through a series of changes as to what was regarded as prudent and also influenced a cultural shift from one regarding close relations with neighbors and other citizens to one of capitalist self-concern. The new legal system that Americans created also contributed to this shift, most notable the conflicts between those who supported federalism and those who supported republicanism.
The Proclamation of 1763 was the first piece of legislation issued by the English monarchy to internally effect the colonists. After the French and Indian war, the English monarchy was motivated to establish more peaceful relations with Native Americans and sought to do this by enacting the Proclamation of 1763....

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