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Write a paper based on reading from week6 and week10 about Asian American HIstory.

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After the Second World War, the United States passed legislation laws that allowed legislation of immigrants and refugees. The decision by the Judiciary was a part of a program to increase production in USA to promote capitalism and oppose European communism. By then, the American economy suffered from labor shortages that led to reduced production as well as decline of international market shares. Therefore, in 1965, the US enacted the Immigration and Nationality act Amendments, which led to the increase in number of Asian American to fill in the labor market. The legislation law and the post 1965 policies led to a series of changes that positively affected the social, political, and economic life of the Asian American. The purpose of this paper is to examine how the post 1965 amendments and trend affected the Asian American position in the US society. To achieve clarity, the author will examine specific interrelated changes in the three main spheres: Economic, social, and political changes.
To begin with, the constitutional changes made by the US judiciary in 1965 led to tremendous empowerment of the Asian Americans. Hart-Celler Act 1965, sought to eliminate the many screening processes that regulated the immigration to America based on nationality of origin. Therefore, the Asian American had the liberty to seek for more workers from the sub-Asian continents to fill in the American labor market. As such, the Asian American became largely engaged in offering skilled and semi-skilled labor. The areas of specialization included constructions, farming, and trade workers. The trend, which started...

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