Topic for essay: The Marxist Critique of Industrial Capitalism

Write about who Karl Marx was and what he is known for. Some of the key points will be on one of Karl Marx's books published in 1867 Capital, Volume 1. This book is an analysis of capitalism, basically showing how capitalism isn't all so different from communism.

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A German philosopher, economist, sociologist, and socialist, Karl Marx, (1818–1883), produced several works critiquing capitalism, including Das Kapital aka Capital: Critique of Political Economy (1887), the first volume of which was published in 1867. He recommended another form of working without a hierarchy of employer versus the worker. He suggested that the employer is too focused on making money while the worker is focused on earning wages, which oppose each other in a violent struggle.
Marx argued that two classes of people existed, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The bourgeoisie own the means of production, the capital, and, in capitalist societies, exploit the proletariat who work. The bourgeoisie pay the proletariat enough for food and housing, while the proletariat, who are unaware of the exploitation, develop a false consciousness in that they feel well off and rely on the bourgeoisie to continue to provide for them.
Marx hypothesized that eventually the proletariat would rise up in revolt, crushing the bourgeoisie. This revolution would lead to the proletariat controlling the means of production. Class levels would no longer exist, because everything would be owned by everyone equally. This type of society would be communist....
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