Joseph Stalin referred WW II as the “War of Machines” Indeed, WWII was marked as technological achievements that had a critical effect in the outcome of the war.
Technological advancements during the CIvil War, WW1, WWII, and Cold War also completely transformed the military landscape.
The Military Telegraph and Submarines are fascinating.
Compare and contrast these two technologies in terms of the following:
(1) how they similarly or differently affected the national security environment
(2) how they were developed and implemented; and the military consequence of their
(3) make an argument for why one of these technologies was more influential than the other in changing the dynamics of war.

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Oxford Dictionary defines war as a state of fighting between nations or groups within a nation using military force. War is characterized by suffering, destruction and high mortality. While the study of Levy at al. (1989)2 argues that there is no scholarly agreement on which are the most common motivations for war, some claim that war as a universal and ancestral aspect of human nature (Smihula, 20133).
Even the old Latin has a saying: ‘’Si vis pacem, para bellum’’("If you want peace, prepare for war"). To prepare for war means to have the best strategies and weapons. According to Peters (2005)4, no matter how the weapons evolve, the heart of the matter is still killing. But can the technological advancements help reduce the number of causalities and determine the outcome? What does it take to win a war?...

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