Summarize and respond to several websites about World War I.
The websites selected for summary with the thesis statements are: hist111/WWI.html , world-war-i/world-war-i-history

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Site 1:

Prior to WWI, the Nations of Europe were imperialistic and all motivated by expanding their own empires; thus the start of the war was precipitated by their competing interests for power. Some of the nations developed alliances, which expanded the reach of their control and also pinned these two larger groups of nations against each other. There were also long-standing rivalries between many of the nations. One of the reasons the US entered the war was with the hopes of disbanding some of these empires.
The news media was not comprised of objective, disinterested reporters. They served as a mechanism for distributing national propaganda. Furthermore, to increase their readership they sensationalized events. Both the American and European newspapers were equally guilty of this type of sensationalized journalism, which sold the viewpoint that war would be good for the nation and the world...
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