During the period up to c.1000, much of Europe was not really run by monarchs. By 1066 though when William the Conqueror took control of England, all three of the main powers, England, France and Germany (Holy Roman Empire in this period of history), had kings of greater or lesser effectiveness. Now in the period between 1000 and 1300, we see an added dynamic of the re-emergence of the city and the emergence of guilds. Let's focus on the new economic powerhouse -- the city. Where's the power? Who was really in charge of all the wealth? Who controlled cities in the larger picture of not just a local area but of a nation?

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The demise of the Western Roman Empire led to a collapse of most forms of the rich and diverse economic life that existed in that time. It took quite a few centuries for Europe to get back to a high degree of economic integration. After c.1000, with the emergence of cities, the economic center shifted from the latifundia and rich landowners to urban centers. This happened because they were, first and foremost, financial and trade centers. So here we see a transition from an agricultural form of economy where money played a relatively small role to a more advanced type of economy based upon industrial production, trade, finances and credit....
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