Assignment 1:
1. What caused the misunderstanding between George iii and Gianlong? what were their values and how did they differ?

Assignment 2:
1. Differences in perspective
2. How do the Japanese represent "modernity"? the "west"?

Assignment 3:
1. What were the causes and outcomes of the taiping rebellion?
2. What were some elements that the founder of the taiping took from christianity?
3. What changes did the taiping revolutionaries advocate?

Assignment 4:
1. What were may 4th arguments about culture and why culture change was necessary?
2. What is the medicine?
3. What does lu xun seem to be saying about revolutionary violence?

Assignment 5:
1. Thoughts on colonial discourses or anti-colonial literature. be sure to give some citation to the primary source material

Assignment 6:
1. How were colonized people mobilized in japan's war in the pacific?

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Assignment 1:
What caused the misunderstanding between George III and Qianlong? What were their values and how did they differ?
Qianlong was one of the most prominent kings of China for the better part of 18th century. At this time, Europe was at the exploratory phase where they looked to expand their businesses and make more allies or colonies. The dispute between Qianlong and George II arose after George’s request for trade privileges, which include the inclusion of a European representative in the King’s court. In the letter, George’s main interest was to have trade control in Peking. On the other hand, Qianlong fought to preserve the China’s sovereignty and cultures. He, therefore, denied the request leading to state misunderstanding (Perdue, 2009)....
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