The Crusades and their Effects on the Western, Islamic and Byzantine Worlds (1440 words)

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Select an aspect of European civilization relevant to the Medieval, Renaissance, or Reformation periods such as nationalism, religious beliefs, classes of society, arts, or schools and learning.

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper regarding the evolution of your selected topic from the Medieval through the Renaissance and into the Reformation.
Example topics can include the following:
Trace the development of feudalism as a political, economic, and social system in Europe.
Trace the development of Christianity from the Thomas Aquinas to Martin Luther.
Examine the political economic and social aspects of the Hundred Years’ War and the Thirty Years War on European development in the Middle Ages through the Reformation.
Explain Humanism and discuss the major beliefs and aims associated with this movement.
Trace the cultural, religious, and economic development of one of the civilizations in the Americas.
Trace the evolution of representative democracy from the Magna Carta through the Enlightenment.
Examine the Crusades and their impact on the Byzantine Empire, Islamic World and Western Europe.
Discuss the trends in art and architecture from the Medieval period through the Renaissance.
Explain the cultural and religious factors that shaped European attitudes toward exploration and the New World and the political – economic basis for exploration.
Explain the influence of physical geography on the development of Europe during the Middle Ages and Early Modern period.
Describe important developments related to your topic and their impact on civilization at the time and their historical significance.

Include the following elements:
Demonstrate cause and effect in historical events;
Show significance of specific events, persons, and themes to the development of Global Civilizations;
Use proper research sources and materials
Use proper APA for title page, essay format, in text citations, References.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Spanning two hundred years, the nine Crusades were among the most important events that shaped the Middle Ages. Western Europe, previously isolated and scientifically backward in comparison to the Turkish, Arab and Byzantine Empires, rediscovered the knowledge lost after the Roman Empire collapsed several hundred years earlier. Despite the fact that the Western European states failed to permanently dislodge Saladin and the Ayyubid Caliphate from the Near East, the cultural connections and trade routes developed from interacting with the various Muslim states proved critical to the economic growth of England and France. The Islamic empires felt a sense of superiority after repelling the Western European invaders, but the slow redevelopment of scientific knowledge in Europe improved on their advances and brought Europe on par technologically by the end of the Renaissance period...

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