Write an essay and answer the questions provided in 3-4 pages. You may use the Internet, giving the URL's for citations (plus the name of the page or article). Write your essay, double-spacing it in 12-point font. You may use any standard style, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.
1. Give three main causes behind the development of democracy in Greece. Why was the polis the preferred form of government in ancient Greece? What role did ostracism and political exile play in maintaining a political balance in Ancient Greece?
2. Why was Alexander so successful in building his empire? What specific measures did he take in order to ensure that Greek rule would be successful beyond the borders of the Greek homeland?
3. Look at the Greek democracy and the Roman republic. What makes them similar, and what makes them distinctly different? Give three reasons for their similarity and three reasons for their difference.

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Question 1: Athenian democracy developed from an aristocracy known as the Archon council. In the late 590s BCE, the first true harbinger for change arose when Solon became chief Archon of Athens and liberalized the aristocracy by “breaking the aristocratic monopoly of office holding” in his new Constitution for Athens (Sinclair, p. 2). The offices were finally opened to Athenian hoplites who could afford to run their campaigns against the incumbent aristocrats. Solon also developed institutions that would later become pivotal for a future democracy, such as “democratic juries” and an “Assembly” which later became the famous Athenian Assembly where all citizens could participate (Blackwell). The second reason for democratic government in Athens was the rise of the tyranny after Solon left Athens for a decade...

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