China & Japan VS Wetern Expansionism & The October Revolution (940 & 750 words)

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Write 2 Essays to answer the following questions

1. Why did China and Japan respond so differently to western expansionism? Why did each nation choose the path that it did?

2. Why were the Bolsheviks successful in the October 1917 revolution in Russia? What were the circumstances? How had they prepared? What were their strengths? What were the weaknesses of their opponents?

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China and Japan reacted differently to western expansionism because both nations had different histories and different ways to react to outside powers. The Chinese were always a world power who liked to dominate the Far East and challenged anybody who dared to approach their territory. Japan was an island nation that liked to mind its own business for the most part and not take part in the power struggles that occurred in the Far East. The Chinese perspective was costly to them immediately because their technology in the 19th century was not as good as the West. Japan stayed isolationist for most of the 19th century until they were forced to open up to the outside world. However, they kept a close eye on developments and did their best to remain on par in terms of technology...

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