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Write a 100 words for each question.

1) Two prime ministers had particular influence on queen Victoria :lord Melbourne,who had to guide the young queen in matters of state,and Benjamin Disraeli who had encourage a grieving queen to engage once more in public life. in your opinion how successful were these two men in realizing the objectives?

2) Do you think that the development of what was termed a duty monarchy strengthened or undermined the institution as a whole ? on the whole did the image of the monarchy improved during her reign?

3) A traditionalist, a nationalist ,a liberal: how far do these terms apply to Victoria?

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Lord Melbourne was Queen Victoria’s first Prime Minister, who she treated as a father figure the majority of the time. Lord Melbourne was almost fifty when Victoria assumed the throne, and many believed Victoria was sexually attracted to him. However, Melbourne helped to curb the younger Victoria’s excesses in many respects and become a more popular Queen to her people. Melbourne reduced the influence of Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg Saalfeld, the Duchess of Kent (Victoria’s mother) on the young queen...

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