Nelson Mandela’s Imprisonment, Rise to Power, and Election (2990 words)

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Write a research paper on Nelson Mandela's Election. The research paper should be based on historical research. The purpose of this paper is to identify and analyze historical events.The paper should include the following:

Identify and describe the historical event.
Analyze the historical and contemporary causes of the event.
Analyze different historical interpretations of this event.
Evaluate the later consequences of this event.
The final paper should be 8-10 pages in length (approximately 2600-3200 words) and use proper APA formatting.

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Nelson Mandela’s fight against the apartheid system that subjugated black South Africans was a decades’ long affair that tested not only Mandela, but his subordinates like Thabo Mbeki and mentors like Zachariah K. Matthews and contemporaries like Stephen Biko (Juckes, 1995). The ideological struggle started before Mandela’s birth, with the founding of the African National Congress (ANC), but continued through Mandela’s early life. The process to break down apartheid and eventually install a popularly elected leader of all of South Africa took almost a century, with Mandela as the spearhead and ideological leader of the ANC.
Mandela first made contact with the struggling ANC as early as 1942 (Limb, 2008). From that point, he devoted his life to ensuring that black South Africans received fair representation and basic human rights. Mandela, along with his mentor Anton Lembede, helped found the Congress Youth League in 1944 in the face of opposition from ANC leader Alfred B. Xuma, who wanted to form his own youth movement within the ANC (Limb, 2008). By 1949, the Congress Youth League overthrew Xuma and grew into a more militant opposition to the Afrikaner government....

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