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Week 10: Afro-Eurasian World in Crisis and Recovery
Readings: Tignor, Chapters 10 and 11
Please answer Q1, Q2 and Q3 from the questions below.

Discussion Questions:
1.   Why did the Mongols have such a significant role in shaping Eurasian history?
2.   Can you list and explain three examples that illustrate the commercial interactions acrossregional and long distance trade routes?
3.   What was the impact of the plague, (Black Death) on Eurasian societies?
4.   Was there a social psychological dimension to how the plague was perceived byindividuals and societies? What were the consequences of these perceptions?
5.   What responses developed from the various religious traditions during the plague years?
6.   Any relevance between the responses to mass epidemics in the 14th Century and today?
7.   Other impressions of the readings/topics?

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Q.1 Significance of Mongols in Shaping Eurasian History

To understand the effect of the Mongols on Eurasian history, we must go back to the thirteenth century when the Mongolian Empire stretched from the Japanese shores to the Carpathian land mass. Biran (2004) asserts that the Empire comprised two ethnic communities, one Mongol, the other Turkic, which formed a bond in the expansive grasslands of Mongolia, and were led by an inspirational character called Temujin, who lived for 62 years.
Temujin, who was later known as Chinggis Khan, formed Khamag Mongol Ulus in 1206, and later the Yeke Mongol...

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