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1 Week 9: New Empires and Common Cultures
Readings: Tignor: Chapter 9, pp. 383-38, pp. 390-391 “Current Trends in World History: The Crusades from Dual Perspectives; and, Foltz, Chapter 5.

Discussion Questions:

1.Describe the historical origins of Islam during the 7th Century, CE. Whatimpressed you the most about the origins of this universal religion?

2.How did the connection between religion and merchants help spread Islam?

5.Please share and discuss your impressions/comments of this unit – did youlearn anything new or more information about something you had heardabout? Did it change your understanding or only reinforced what youalready knew?

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Q.1 Historical Origins of Islam

The hills outside of Mecca are still revered to this day since the 7th Century CE due to the historical significance they bear. Tradition has it that the archangel Gabriel appeared Prophet Muhammad over a 20-year period with divine revelations which were later dictated by Prophet Muhammad, the last prophet of God to scribes. According to Moore (2015), it is from these writings that the holy texts were compiled to form the Holy Quran. Islam holds that other prophets like Jesus, Moses, and indeed Abraham were from God, but operated during...

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