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Select one pattern of world history and explain/analyze how that pattern is evident in three different time periods and areas of the world.

In your paper you will identify and explain what the pattern is that you see continuing through world history.
You will analyze this pattern in three different time periods and different areas of the world.
Provide examples for each time period and part of the world.

Time Periods are as follows:
1. 1450-1750 (this includes chapter 15 on the empires of the Americas)
2. 1750-1914
3. 1914-Present

The paper is to be between 4-5 pages. The paper has to be supported with examples from the different time periods and parts of the world. The paper is to be double spaced, margins 1 inch, and 12 point font, Times New Roman. All sources need to be cited.

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Globalization and a Shrinking World
From the Age of Exploration to the 21st century, people have consistently become more connected to each other at faster speeds. Technology was the driving force for this phenomenon. Starting with the 15th century caravel, innovation began to shrink the world at a remarkable rate. During the 19th century, technologies such as the telegraph, telephone, and automobile became major fixtures in Western society. Since 1914, the ability to fly across the world in an airplane was remarkably enhanced, and communications technologies currently allow any two people around the world to speak to each other provided both parties have a functional Internet connection....

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