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Case Assignment
Primary sources are first-hand accounts of historical events, including materials like government documents, autobiographies and memoirs of participants, and archives. They are therefore the raw materials of historians. In this assignment, you will read two foundational documents from the Age of Revolutions: The Bill of Rights of the USConstitution and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen,which was the preamble to the first French constitution:
- The Ten Original Amendments: The Bill of Rights.
- Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.
Read the sources above, and in an essay of 2-3 pages of text excluding cover page and references (approximately 600-800 words)write about their differences and similarities.

Case Assignment
The Case Assignment is a 3-5 page minimum, double-spaced research essay in which you will demonstrate your understanding of the concepts related to developmental psychology. Please remember the cover and references pages are not included in the 3 – 5 page count.
In your research essay, please make sure to address the following questions:
- What can parents do in explaining the diversity of other points of view, experiences and cultures in the world to their young children (3-7 years old)?
- How can parents use the knowledge related to observational learning in order to teach self-control behaviors with their children (3-7 years old)?
- What can parents do to encourage the growth of the cognitive development of their children (3-7 years old) in order to foster creative thinking?

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This paper will attempt to accomplish three primary objectives. Foremost, a discussion on what parents can do in explaining the diversity to children between 3 and 7 years will be presented. Secondly, the study will attempt to advance knowledge in how parents can use knowledge related to observational learning to teach self-control behaviors in their children. Thirdly, what parents can do to encourage cognitive development to promote creative thinking will be profiled.
As demonstrated by TED (2011), parents have varied avenues for ensuring that their e 3 to 7 years’ old children understands the diversity of other people’s experiences, points of view, and cultures in the world. Role play is one of these methods. TED (2011) reveals that role-play during the early years of life usually allow a child to be very resourceful in his or her interpretation of the social world. With role-play, it follows that children are provided with an opportunity to experiment with familiar roles not mentioning their perceptions of their social settings surrounding them. In the light of this, the parents have to include such things as toys, dolls, traditional costumes and gender challenging stereotypes in the role-plays. These will effectively enable the child to identify with as well as acknowledge differences and culture. This, in turn, assures the development of a sense of identity and belonging among the young children (TED, 2011). Another strategy is to show the children that each is unique and that they have something special to contribute. The parents can apply this tactic in how they interact with the children. For example, the parents should not...

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