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The purpose of this discussion is to have each of you consider this question for yourself and then conclude if the impact of the Mongols was ultimately good or bad. Rather than trying to argue that the Mongols were both good and bad, you must each take a position on one side or the other.

Present both the positives and negatives relating to the Mongols and their impact. Conclude by stating your position about whether the Mongols were good or bad, supporting that final position with your evidence.

This is not an essay. It is a discussion.

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The Ultimate Impacts of the Mongolian Expansion

Starting from 1211, Genghis Khan (1167-1227) led his nomadic armies out of Mongolia, swiftly conquering most of Eurasia within a few years. Although Khan died in 1227, his sons greatly expanded the Mongol Empire across Asia into Europe, reaching as far and Poland and Germany by 1241 (Davis-Kimball 534). Although they did not move beyond this point, the Mongols controlled what is now Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, the Middle and Eastern Asia and a number of other areas. In total, the Mongolian Empire, under the Khan descendants, conquered, occupied and controlled over two times the size of land mass and more than two times the population that any other family has acquired in human history. But more important is the impact that these conquests had on various aspects of human life, geography,...

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